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How Our Savings Work

  • Members may save as much or as little as they wish. Current legislation allows savings up to a
    maximum of £15,000 at any one time. (This figure is laid down by Government and is therefore
    subject to change)

  • Withdrawal of savings will be completed within 14 days from notification. Members' savings
    which are part of the security for a loan will not be allowed to be withdrawn until that member’s
    share balance is greater than their loan balance. Thereafter the difference may be withdrawn.

  • The amount of a member's savings will determine the size of loan he/she can obtain in line with the current loan policy.



  • The Credit Union offers Life Insurance on savings and Loan Protection Insurance on Loans for members who qualify. This will be at no additional cost to its members. The Credit Union is required by law to take out Fidelity Insurance, in order to insure against fraud and dishonesty by Officers and Directors of the Credit Union.

  • The Registrar of Friendly Society monitors the activities of your Credit Union and its Directors regularly.

  • Quarterly returns and audited accounts have to be submitted in order to protect your interest.

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